It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that our office has added the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program to our office!

 The doctor supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program blends science and physiology to allow you get healthier and lose weight.  In fact, most ChiroThin Weight Loss Program patients lose between 20-35 pounds in just 6 weeks!

 In the past, if a person wanted to lose weight this quickly, their only choice was HCG injections.  This was only available by prescription and you had to give yourself daily injections.  It was very expensive ($1,500-$3,000 per 40 day cycle) and obviously, not very convenient.  Those days are over!

 With tens of thousands happy and satisfied ChiroThin Weight Loss Program patients across the United States and Canada, we know that, when following the program as instructed, the average female patient will lose 20-35 pounds (2-3 dress sizes) in just 42 days and the average man will lose between 30-45 pounds in the same amount of time!  

 Needless to say, I am very excited about this breakthrough and would love to tell you more about it.  If you, or someone you know, would like improved health and rapid weight loss in a safe, doctor supervised weight loss program, this is the way!  And we can do it REMOTELY.

 I would also like to recommend that you watch a short presentation called “6 weeks to a new you!”  This video will answer all your questions prior to us having a consultation.

 Click here to watch the "How to ChiroThin" video. Your password is thinkthin:

 For more information and to determine if you are a candidate, please call the office.  Use the included gift certificate and schedule your no charge, no obligation ChiroThin Weight Loss Program consultation today!

 We look forward to hearing from you soon and consulting you through the program remotely.

Fast Long Term Weight Loss

Lose weight instead of gaining weight during the holidays!  

Save $100 on the Gold Package or $200 on the Platinum Package

Gold Package - One-Time Payment Of $799.00 

  • 1 ChiroThin Kit:  Includes 1 ChiroThin Specific Recipe Book, Daily Weight Food Tracking Journal, and Comprehensive Instructional Manual
  • 6 Doctor Supervised Follow Up VisitsDesigned to ensure that you are meeting your weight loss goals.
  • 1 Base-Level Maintenance Visit -  Recommended to be used 3-5 weeks after completion of the program.
  • 6 Whole Body Vibration Therapy Sessions -  Designed to increase caloric burn, help you lose more weight, improve circulation, and tone loose skin associated with weight loss.
  • Before & After Photos Documenting Success - Provides motivation for successful completion of maintenance (Also to show off your amazing results!)


Platinum Package - One-Time Payment Of   $999.00

  • 1 ChiroThin Kit
  • 6 Doctor Supervised Follow Up Visits and 2 Office Maintenance Visits
  • 12 Whole Body Vibration Therapy Sessions - 2/week
  • Before & After Photos Documenting Success
  • 1 Bottle Of AGGRHelps suppress sugar and fatty food cravings. Also helps your body properly metabolize fat.
  • Email & Phone Support With The Doctor

Sometimes you are not able to make it into the office or you get busy, but we're still here to help you through your transformation!


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