Success Stories


Seeing Dr. Summers was the best decision I could ever have made!!
"Before I found Dr. Summers I was beginning to believe that the pain I was experiencing was irreversible. Exactly two years prior I had what appeared to be a minor accident while walking a 90lb. dog; the dog lurched and twisted me in order to try and follow another dog. I thought little of it, but within an hour i was in excruciating pain. A friend took me to his osteopath, who successfully eliminated the severe pain; however, for the next two years I, off and on, had aches and pain and weakness in my shoulder areas. I sought a physical therapist, but nothing seemed to correct the problem.

The pain would temporarily subside only to return worse a few months later. From my shoulder area it had expanded up the right side of my neck, wrapped around my jaw and up behind my ear. Even the cartilage behind my ear was so sore it was painful to the touch. I had limited range of motion in my neck. My dentist made a night guard for me, thinking that I might be clinching my jaw in my sleep. But no treatment stopped the pain, which had become constant. It was physically exhausting and emotionally worrying as to what was really wrong with me.

In a lucky encounter, an acquaintance recommended Dr. Summers. Although I had come to believe it was hopeless, in desperation I made an appointment. It was life changing for me. Within a month of Dr. Summers' carefully designed treatment, I was back to normal! All pain was gone. I would not have thought it possible. Her treatment was also educational and gentle. I continue maintenance visits with Dr. Summers, because I now understand the importance of keeping the body in alignment. Apart from the accident, I hadn't realized how much my body had twisted and compensated over my lifetime. If left unaddressed, I now understand that these other "hidden" issues would have manifested in new problems years down the road.

- Sondra Locke 


"Back in April 2009, I hurt my back-leg and saw 2 doctors with no relief in sight and only getting worse. One doctor gave me pain medication, which just drugged me and didn't help. The other doctor told me to stretch and use heat, which didn't work either.

It hurt to rise from sitting position and I could barely walk. My leg was tingling down to my foot. It was affecting me at work and at home. I felt I was never going to get better, and then I started looking for answer on the internet and found Dr. Cindy Summers. Within a week of seeing her I started feeling relief.

I'm now into about 3 months of treatment and I am back to golfing and bowling.I'm also working out at the gym 4 times a week. My back has not felt this good in years Thanks to Dr. Summers."
- Caton J. Carneiro
Canoga Park, CA


"Cindy is incredible. She has helped me a number of times but this time I had a huge challenge. I had a terrible reaction to a prescribed medication that left me with such back that I couldn't walk properly. When I went in to her office I was actually shuffling because I couldn't put one foot in front of the other. By the time I left her office I was walking again and after 3 sessions I was pain free and never felt better. I don't know what I would have done had she not been there and was also willing to fit me in. My gratitude and blessings for always being able to help me."
- Hazel Palache, CA.


I had back ache and leg numbness if I slept more than 6 hours, upper back tension and ache, lower back sensitivity and ache, behind the knee tightness and ache, right and left hand aches, right and left shoulder pain, headaches and right hip cheek burning and ache. I can now sleep for 10 hours and not wake up with back ache and leg numbness. Lower back sensitivity is gone. Very little tightness in my knee. Hand and joint aches have gone away. Headaches are gone. I can't believe how great I feel! And I owe it all to Dr. Summers.
- Richard Navarro


Dr. Cindy,

Just wanted to let you know that I won my race yesterday. In fact, I killed it! I won by a margin of 2 minutes. I felt very good, had plenty of strength and energy. I also for the first time this season did a second race an hour later. My legs were a bit tired from the first race, but I felt very good overall and placed 10th in that race which I was very happy with my performance. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, and finally giving my body the fuel it needs to operate at peak performance.

Your awesome!

-Jerry Sanders


I have suffered from fibromyalgia off and on for over 2 years, yet recently got to the point where I couldn't sleep, move my right arm, or turn my head. Instead of just having the burning muscles throughout the night, which I had learned to tolerate, I also had a pinched nerve, a frozen shoulder, and an excruciating, firing nerve pain that radiated throughout my right side --causing me agony 24 hours a day! 

I went to many MD's, including alternative health ones, had acupuncture, and therapy, yet still lived with true "chronic pain." Drowning in pain killers, serotonin boosting medications, and cortisone injections, I finally went to see Dr Summers for treatment. Her gentle yet consistent approach to stabilize my neck subluxations and arm pain slowly led to a path of recovery.

However, if it wasn't for her and her expertise on natural vitamins, nutrition, and applied kinesiology, I would not have discovered that my body was full of formaldehyde, caused by the amalgam mercury filling in an old root canal.

I had previously thought that I had all of my mercury removed from my dental fillings. Yet, it was her muscle testing findings that saved me and gave me my life back! I proceeded to have my old amalgam filling removed, and then followed a very specific detox diet and nutrition regime calibrated by Dr. Summers. This program was just for me--- and it worked! Within a few weeks, I began to have less pain, better nights, and renewed energy. Within a few months--I WAS COMPLETELY CURED! Needless to say, her treatment, insight, and healthy prescriptions were priceless! I am extremely grateful to her for her compassion, diligence, and support! Having someone determined to restore your health is beyond measure!

I highly recommend Dr. Summers to anyone who is interested in living a pain-free, joyous lifestyle! Her staff is excellent, making sure all your needs are met. Her adjustments are painless and her payment plans are too! She makes taking care of yourself, your nutrition, and your health effortless and enjoyable!

Know you deserve, and can afford the best--Dr. Cindy Summers!
-Cindy Goldenberg, Spiritual Speaker & Author


I have been going to Dr. Summers for 3 years now, and it is the best decision that I have ever made! She has addressed my physical ailments with whole food supplements and chiropractic care. Friends have been telling me how healthy I look. I have more energy now than I did 10 years ago!

- Linda Rizzo
Sherman Oaks, CA


"I experienced lower and upper back pains regularly, ranging in intensity. Regularly have headaches and experience fatigue. Not enough sleep.

Backaches have almost ended completely and are not as long lasting or sharp. Improved quality of sleep and not as fatigued. Headaches have not been as frequent or intense. Overall, health has improved. I feel more energetic!"

-Ashley G.


"I experienced muscle cramps in my legs (thighs and calves). These occurred as often as four or five a week for over a 10-year period. My overall health was generally good, but definitely needed improvement. I also experienced much broken sleep at nights. I am 82 years old.

Now I am 82 years young! Now, since engaging the expert services of Dr. Cindy Summers, D.C., I feel my health is truly excellent and the muscle cramps in my legs no longer occur. My sleep now occurs with less awakening during the night. I followed the doctor's recommendations on food supplements and nutrition and think this contributed greatly to achieving excellent health that I now have!"

- Elwood Carlisle


"I'm 28 years old, but feeling like 64. Young and athletic I was embarrassed to come see a doctor. My back ached and was extremely tight. I could barely walk and if I did walk I certainly didn't look normal.

I'm almost ashamed for not coming sooner! I learned so much about my body and what your spine has control over. I'm back to myself again and I'm proud to have someone take the special attention my back needed to help me get better.

Thank you very much!

- Ernesto V


"Constant pain and stiffness makes it difficult to concentrate. I have difficulty sleeping and getting comfortable in any position.

Improved condition in area. Feel a significant benefit as a result of adjustments, therapy massage and exercise program prescribed. Improvement now facilitates exercise as well as leading to greater energy and improved sense of well-being."

- Mike K.


"The injury was so painful it actually scared me. Not being able to turn my neck and lift my arm made me feel like I couldn't function. It really made me think about being a lot kinder to my body and get me back on my stretching and yoga routine again.

It felt so good to move so soon after Dr. Summers' treatment. Besides the inner tenderness, it feels good to function on a normal basis."

- Patricia F.
Valley Village


"I came to Dr. Summers because of an increase of belly fat despite eating less and less. Also, sexual dysfunction caused stress and sinus ailments plagued me for years. I had no idea either of these problems could be affected by nutrition. Also, I had a long standing acid reflex condition that was only relieved with Rx medications.

My belly fat has decreased slowly, but steadily since I started Dr. Summers' nutrition plan. However, after just a few days on the plan, I was free of other conditions which I had no idea could be corrected. Gas and bloating ceased within just three days! Joint stiffness and facial puffiness were eliminated and reduced. My sinus problems also stopped in short order and my skin was noticeably improved. As the weeks passed, my sexual dysfunction progressively declined so that I no longer needed Cialis! Acid reflex completely gone - no meds!"

- Thom S.
Burbank, Ca


I'm a camera-man and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. A few months ago, I injured my back wrestling and thought that my life and career was over. In less than a month, Dr. Summers helped me get rid of the pain, and my back is stronger now than it has ever been.

- WB, North Hollywood, CA


I first came to Dr. Summers when I was diagnosed with TMJ and knew I had a long wait before the night guard from my dentist was approved by my insurance. To deal with the pain in the meantime, I thought I would try Chiropractic. It's now 2 months later and I've cancelled the order for the night guard! Thanks to the adjustments and exercises at home, my TMJ pain is gone. The headaches and neck pain I'd gotten so used to living with are rarely noticed. In addition - during the course of my chiropractic treatment, I spoke to Dr. Summers about some of the digestive problems I'd been having; we've now added nutrition to my wellness program and I'm well on my way to recovery for those problems too!

- J Walsh
Burbank, CA


When I started my appointments with Dr. Summers, I was having recurring back pain from Jiu-Jitsu training. Along with my back pain I was having pain in my jaw from TMJ Syndrome. I was also having energy swings through out the day. Within a few weeks , through adjustments and following Dr. Summers dietary guidelines and training, my back pain has been alleviated, my posture has improved and I have more energy now than ever before. I am grateful to Dr. Summers for her help and I am amazed that a few simple changes have made such a huge difference in my life!

- Cliff
Studio City, CA


Dr. Cindy Summers,
When I first came to Dr. Summers, I was suffering from extreme headaches and neck pain. I had been suffering from the headaches for years and was not able to function normally. After being treated by Dr. Summers through chiropractic and nutrition care, my headaches have decreased dramatically. I now feel great and have lots of energy to accomplish my daily goals. She has identified and cured problems I haven't noticed much and after working on these areas, I feel more flexible and relaxed. Thanks Dr. Summers! I know that she is knowledgeable and she loves helping people.

- Izabel M, 
North Hollywood,CA


Before receiving treatment by Dr. Summers, I had been experiencing tightness, tingling and numbness in my hands and arms for months. I am a drummer and have had pain in my wrist for years. When this discomfort got worse and spread to my left wrist, I started to get worried. I had read how these problems can be caused from subluxations in the neck, so I decided to try chiropractic remedies. Luckily, I found the best Chiropractor in California. Dr. Summers has helped me so much. I am extremely happy I found her. I can actually play my drums again.

- Jeff Drummer
Hollywood, CA


Dear Doctor:
After being treated by you to correct the damage done by a serious fall, I'm feeling much better at 93 ¾ yr. of age. It seems like a miracle. If anyone needs that kind of treatment I would recommend you immediately.

Yours for better health.
-Margaret C.


To all of Dr. Summers' patients:

I would like to share with you the tremendous progress I have made since seeing Dr. Summers.

In June, I hurt my back and twisted my pelvis out of position. I was in such great pain I literally could not walk. I could not bend and after not being treated for 2 weeks, my right leg was number and the muscles completely unresponsive. Finally, my neighbor recommended that I see Dr. Summers.

When I first came to Dr. Summers I was in extreme pain. I was also very skeptical. At first I saw Dr. Summers up to 3 times per week. My pelvis and leg began to function. Gradually, Dr. Summers aligned my back and pelvis and the pain subsided. She also showed me small exercises I could do to strengthen my muscles. I began to see Dr. Summers only twice a week and have since decreased to once a week.

I cannot express my faith in Dr. Summers in words; my back is feeling good and strong and my leg has recovered. I can walk, run, pick up my children, dance and go to the gym!

Seeing Dr. Summers and her staff is always a pleasant experience. I will be eternally grateful for the changes she has made in my life!

- Kathleen D.
Burbank, CA


Dr. Cindy,

You and your chiropractic treatments have helped me get back on my feet!! The personalized attention and immediate care you gave me really worked to reduce the pain in my hips, back, and neck. I was able to go back to work after the first treatment. I am feeling so much better now that I am in less pain.

Thank you so much for your great care!

- Jeannie Faller, CPA
Sherman Oaks


Dear Dr. Summers,
When I first came to you, I thought you would simply help to cure my back pain. After only 3 months, not only have you made that pain go away, you've also gotten me on the path to good health!
I've lost 14 pounds thanks to your diet and exercise advice, and my endocrinologist tells me that my cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels have all gotten better. She says I should continue seeing you, because what you're doing for me is definitely helping.

You have also improved my problem with menopausal hot flashes; I've been suffering for the past 10 years, turning red and sweating profusely in the evenings. The Standard Process Supplements you recommended really are beneficial - I've actually been chilly lately, something I haven't experienced in quite some time.

Thank you, Dr. Summers; I never knew a Chiropractor could help so much.

- Maryann M.


I had my first MicroLight Laser Therapy treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on September 20, 2004. Within days, I was sleeping thru-out the night without braces on my hands. I had been sleeping in braces for three years due to numbness and pain in both hands at night. I had lost about 50% of the feeling in the fingers of my right hand, and 20% in my left fingers. Less than three months after the treatments began, I have full feeling in all of my fingers. It is a miracle!

Dr. Summers has helped me achieve this remarkable improvement. She explained how the treatments with the MicroLight Laser helps promote healing by increasing blood flow to the affected areas. The pain is completely gone and I have far more mobility in my hands than before.

Thank you Dr. Summers for giving my hands back!

- Bertina W.
Canyon Country, CA


I have had a total hysterectomy, and have been on Premarin for 1 ½ years. After weaning off of the Premarin, I felt fatigued, irritable, nervous, unhappy, and just not myself.

Seeking help from Dr. Cindy Summers was the best decision that I could've made. She put me on a regimen of supplements, and within days I felt results. After about a week or so, I felt 100% better! My energy level was higher than ever. I became more positive in my everyday situations. I was overall a happier and content person!

I noticed that my hair got healthier, and my skin glowed. I slept better at night. There were just so many positive effects.

Thank you so much Dr. Summers for targeting my needs. I am forever grateful to you.

- Linda R.
North Hollywood, CA


I started seeing Dr. Summers April 2004 after I had been suffering TMJ pain for over a year. In addition, I also suffered from other ailments such as, psoriasis, thyroiditis, hypertension, tremors, and headaches. Because of these maladies, I was always irritable and stressed. My primary care doctor thought that prescribing me Prozac would make me feel better. I was reluctant to take the medication because I knew that there was nothing wrong with me mentally, but I took it anyway. It didn't help, so I weaned myself off of it realizing that my doctor was not really addressing the underlying problems. After hearing my friend's stories about chiropractors, I decided to give it a try since I was tired of dealing with my regular doctors. I was always skeptical of chiropractors, but after having two car accidents within a year, I didn't know where else to turn. Chiropractic was my last attempt to find relief.

After doing research, I found Dr. Summers. What a relief! She always adjusted my neck, back, and jaw very gently, so I was never afraid. She also helped me change my diet and I even lost a little weight. I'm happy to say that my health has greatly improved after only 3 months under Dr. Summers' care. I never thought that chiropractic care could affect the way I feel. I highly recommend Dr. Summers to all my friends and family!

- Mary F.
Insurance Biller


Dear Dr. Summers,

When I first came to you I had difficulty holding even a pencil in my hands. I had injured my shoulder and the stress of my back and neck being out of alignment, I had numbness all up and down both arms. I even had to abandon something as simple as letting my hair grow longer. Long hair requires a great deal of care, care I couldn't do because of the numbness and tingly feelings in my hands. Well going to you these past few months have really opened up my future. I can hold a pencil again. I can do my style and groom my hair. Thanks to you. Thanks again Doc for all your help.

- Kris H.


Dear Dr. Summers, 
Thanks for the Zypan. As I told you during one of our sessions, I had experienced some difficulty in digesting foods, even foods that were good for me. At night I would have this terrible heartburn and find myself unable to sleep unless I took Alka Selzter. Well I don't feel like having my stomach lining even more stripped and the Zypan worked like a charm. Thanks again for helping me move closer to that optimum health picture I so want to reach!

- Kris H.


Dear Dr. Summers, 
For many months, my right hand and wrist have hurt tremendously and no treatment showed any effect of healing. I had cortisone injection treatment by a hand specialist but the pain never went away. The pain affected my concentration and I could not work normally. I was afraid of having to live that way for a long time and not be able to do my daily activities because the pain affected my whole arm.

With your third treatment, the pain disappeared. At last I felt comfortable! I was sitting and working at my computer for an entire day without complaining about my hand. I even wondered if I was hallucinating. I will recommend your chiropractic services to everyone.

Thank you! Thank You

- Laura Biasini
ESP Design Studio, Inc.


Dr. Cindy,
I came to Dr. Summers with extreme pain in my lower back. It hurt constantly and kept me from even bending over to tie my shoes or standing for more than a few minutes. After a series of adjustments, my back is normal again. Thanks Dr. Summers! I know that she is knowledgeable about holistic medicine and I really trust her. She has identified problems in my neck that I hadn't noticed much and after working on these areas, I feel so much more flexible and relaxed. I am not scared of chiropractic care anymore. In fact, I might be addicted.

- Melissa King
Pasadena, CA


Dr. Cindy,
Thanks so much for all your help to feel better again! I haven't felt this well in many years. Your Magic hands & warm smile are a healing combination. We are so glad we found you!

- Fondly - Tim Burke


Dear Dr. Summers,

Many thanks for your generosity and your interest in fighting my almost hopeless case. I feel a lot stronger and more flexible in the rest of my body.

- Maria Burke, Concert Pianist


Dr. Cindy,
I was suffering from low back pain for many years and was getting out of bed in the morning limping to get to the shower. About 6 months ago I started experiencing pain in the neck and shoulders, and after meeting Dr. Cindy Summers decided to try her service. To my surprise, after only one treatment, pain in the lower back is almost gone, and neck pain is not far behind. So, I guess after a couple more treatments I will be pain free.

- Davor Pacemski
Burbank, CA.


Dr. Cindy,
What else can I say but "WOW!" While the reduction in back pain due to your work was amazing and gave me a lot more energy and the ability to play with my daughter, I think I was most amazed when I "kinked" my neck and couldn't even turn my head due to the pain. I was fixed with only two treatments and by following your orders! Normally that would have been a long and painful four to six week process. I guess I should say WOW and THANK YOU!!!

- Randall G. Kruchten
Business Innovation Services, L.L.C

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